Euro Records

EURO RECORDS S.A. He was born in 2001 from the experience of "Buenos Aires Tango Club", a non-profit organization founded in 1995 with the aim of spreading everything related to tango.

Given the legal nature of the Buenos Aires Tango Club, it was not empowered to make profit or commercial activities in the volumes and conditions required by the record market. Therefore, the creation of an appropriate instrument that would allow the marketing and distribution of this valuable material is decided.

His task includes on one hand the search, rescue, overhaul and editing of recorded material, radio outlets and old recordings that were considered lost, that were in the files of missing seals (Music Hall, TK, Stentor, etc.) or those of large companies RCA Victor, CBS Columbia (today SONY-BMG Argentina), Odeon (now EMI-Odeon), with which EURO performs co-production agreements for reissue and exploitation, for commercial reasons, are not exploited directly by them due to the low significance of its business tied to tango category.

EURO RECORDS S.A. It is a label exclusively dedicated to tango, with the seriousness that gives the backing of an institution like the Buenos Aires Tango Club. It has therefore been recognized in the record market, which allowed him to steady growth and has been currently occupy second place in the country in the category of tango record with a total of 108 titles published.

The artistic quality of products is guaranteed by EURO task of Buenos Aires Tango Club, since only selected material published by academic experts and amateurs.
Also you get recognition for the high quality of sound achieved for this job, since it is strongly committed and technology in the recovery process and remastering that are an essential part of our mission.

EURO RECORDS SA, as a commercial tool of this cultural and technological work, is placed facing the music market as the preferred selected, experts, enthusiasts and collectors seekers, both local and foreign consumers stamp.

EURO products are called "jewels" or "pearls" of the genre, prestige and quality material, which is known as "inevitable" in any collection.

The vision of the company is the growth of labor quality and prestige that position in the market. For the purpose of Buenos Aires Tango Club, through EURO RECORDS SA, is continuing to contribute to retrieve, distribute and market the tango in Argentina and the world.