About Us

The Buenos Aires Tango Club (BATC) was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1995, settling as a nonprofit institution, obtaining legal status in the General Inspectorate of Justice. In its Bylaws its objectives are determined, being the principal of "Disclose, know and do know everything about popular music, especially tango, through bibliographic, record elements, and any other recording mode and outsourcing Reading , video and hearing and any type of broadcasting, broadcasting or communications media. "

Since then, our institution was amassing an archive of sound recordings of tango that currently exceeds the 17,000 records that come from registered by hundreds of orchestras, vocalists, soloists of various instruments, as well as countless ensembles (duos, trios, quartets recordings, quintets, etc.) since the dawn of disco 78s paste until the last of its kind published in 1960, then continued on vinyl 33 rpm, cassettes and CDs.

Since multinational record companies have only preserved on tape an inch recorded from the appearance of that environment, records are only available on file recordings made from 1953 and they were reissued albums pasta the early LPs. Everything else was discarded by merging the old matrices of chromium-nickel with the 78s were stamped r.p.m.

Considering that the famous "golden age" of tango gave in the 30s and 40s we must conclude that no original records of most of that period so rich and important are preserved. You was why our primary objective was precisely to begin to form a digital archive of all those recordings contained in the written discographies of many interpreters, but they were not available to those who were interested in his possession, because only they were treasured by collectors.

We should give a tough battle to overcome the natural resistance of those who were until then the sole possessors of those tangueras relics, to convince them to bring those records in exchange for others that were missing them. Many of these collectors have died, and his heirs in various ways opened those floodgates (sometimes costly), allowing us to incorporate many recordings, which currently make up the collections and treasures published by our Club.

In 2001, in order to have access to the files of the old RCA Victor and ODEON seals, we set up a company called EURO RECORDS, which allowed us to operate following the trade guidelines established by multinational enterprises. So in co-production with them we could edit more than 150 compact discs (CDs) that were valued worldwide for excellence in quality and included information. Were the Series: "File 78s" RCA File "" File Odeon "and" File Columbia ", well known among tangueros and disc jockeys from all latitudes.

Once the agreement concluded, after having extracted all available material, we closed the business, but continue to do the same task in the BATC, editing since then more than 300 compact made with the same philosophy of work that employed in industrial products edited by EURO RECORDS. Following the same methodology in terms of sound quality and information, although made now on CDR discs using a recorder tower that allows us to record certain quantities to supply our partners and friends around the world.

The Tango was an immeasurable musical phenomenon. the number of recordings that were recorded during those famous decades of glory is unknown, as the famous performers recorded five thousand plates, often reedited by record companies of those times, according to demand, but the minimum amounts set in those times it was only 300 units, has not been republished many times, having lost or broken discs pasta (which easily broke) without any possibility to access those recordings.

In the Club, we are constantly incorporating any material that is achieved, working to get them the best sound quality, sometimes without success entirely due to the state of the 78s. that come into our hands. It is our desire to continue with this work, which gave us world famous, for which we provide the most accurate and reliable information that can be obtained on the material offered and we are confident that fans of the genre will recognize us and support as usual. Everything is done with much effort and material resources that allow us to move forward comes from placing our products among those who help us acquire the issues that we offer you on this website.

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Thank you very much for your help.