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How to buy

The search system page allows you to search by name (no matter the order) or part of the artist name or the full name or partial name of the item.

The search works on our database, indicating in real time if the item is in stock
If you do not find what you're looking for, send an email to info@buenosairestangoclub.com indicating what they want and bring it.

buenosairestangoclub.com system uses a classic shopping cart.

To add items to the cart must be first on the articles page, once there by clicking on the Add button (right) Article added to cart. A drop-down allows you to select amount if you want to order more than one of the same article (in principle the amount is 1).

Clicking Cart detail of articles on the cart, and the yellow button changes to Buy.

When we have to cart everything we want and we are ready to complete the order, click on Buy.

Clicking confirm the system asks us for sending data.

After entering the data, click continue the order details.

We must first select the destination where they will be sent according to the order (Argentina, rest of America, rest of the world), then a form of payment, then a shipping. Once selected the shipping, we will see total to pay, with shipping included.

Payments are made through PayPal. Payments by other methods (Cash, Deposit, Transfer) can not be made online so then you need contacted by email (info@buenosairestangoclub.com) or telephone to coordinate them.

In all cases a confirmation email that the order was received is sent.


Shipping options:

Cds shipping to all countries of the world.


Shipping times in Argentina are:

Capital Federal: 2 to 4 businessdays.

GBA: 3 to 5 business days.

Province of Buenos Aires: 4 to 6 business days.

Rest of the country: 4 to 6 business days.


Once shipped the order, you will receive an email where we will inform the date of shipment and mail used.

For shipments in Greater Buenos Aires and the interior of the country you will find within the mail received, the number of guide which was dispatched your order. Depending on the email service used to ship your order, you can see Correo Argentino page

Correo Argentino

Correo Argentino will perform only one delivery attempt.
If no one in your home that can receive the parcel, the postman will leave a "Notice of Visit" telling you that office Correo Argentino withdraw your order. You have 5 business days to make taking your ID. You can also authorize another person to pick up your order, your name in the "Notice of Visit" you received. It is very important that the person you authorized to carry both your ID as yours to remove.

The delivery schedule for orders within Argentina are Monday to Friday from 9 to 18 hours. Because the features of this service, it is not possible to arrange a specific delivery schedule.


Delivery time depends on the availability of the product plus shipping time.
The shipping time varies from 3 to 6 business days depending on the country and the destination city. Estimated shipping times are as follows:


South America: 3 business days.

North America: 4 business days.

Europe: 5 business days.

Rest of the world: 6 business days.



International shipments are made by Correo Argentino

Envelope n1 (1-2 cds) U $ D 16.00

Envelope n 2 (3-5 cds) U $ D 28,00

Box n1 (6-9 cds) U $ D 46,00

Box n 2 (9 to 13 cds) U $ D 46,00


Note: Customs duties and / or charges for customs clearance in the country of destination are the sole responsibility of the customer and vary from country to country without warning or notice. Because we can not control nor accurately inform the existence and amounts of the same, we suggest contacting you find out beforehand with the Customs office in your country to obtain accurate and updated information.